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Difference between Vintage vs. New Style Red Heel Socks

Sock Monkey Dear Ceru Monkey,

Thanks for your website, It's nice to see a Sock Monkey make it in a world filled with humans.

My question is;

Everywhere I look, sneaky humans are saying that they have Vintage Rockford Socks or New Style Socks. What is the difference between them and how can I tell.

Uncle Frank


Dear Uncle Frank,

Thanks for writing. I know your busy with your modeling career and all.

There is a lot of confusion about this issue and those pesky humans on ebay don't make it any easier for us crafting Monkeys. Last time I looked, over 75% the "vintage socks" that the ebay humans were selling were NOT vintage. Here are the differences and I will attach a few pictures for you visual Monkeys.

Vintage Red Heel Socks (made from 1932- 1992)

  • Longer white section on the toe (this makes a white faced monkey rather than a brown faced monkey)
  • No seam on toe section of sock (this is nicer for self-fabric caps)
  • Heel section is more curved shaped (this gives you more heel to work with, often this makes a larger mouth)
  • Red Heel has curved pointed ends (this causes a smile or a frown)
  • Leg section is shorter (this makes shorter arms and legs)
  • Cuff section is usually sewn to brown tweed section (this give you a seam on arms and legs, which can be difficult to align when sewing arms and legs)

New Style Red Heel Socks (1992- current)

  • Short toe section (this makes a brown faced monkey)
  • Seam across front of toe
  • Red Heel has symmetrical oval shape (a smile or frown can be stitched with embroidery)
  • Leg section is longer (this makes longer arms and legs)
  • No seam between brown and white section (this makes aligning the different colored section easier)

Sock Monkey

Keep in mind, you can use a new sock and use a "vintage pattern" or new style pattern. You can also use a vintage sock to make a vintage style pattern or new style pattern.
Socks are independent of the pattern you use.

On the left is a vintage sock, on the right you will see a new style sock.

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Ceru Answers....

What is the difference between "vintage" and normal Sock Monkey Socks? How can I tell?

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