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:: Do it yourself Sock Monkey Kits

Make your own SockMonkey!

Our Sock Monkey Kits include everything* you need to make your own handmade Sock Monkey. We even provide a Deluxe kit that requires no sewing machine!

Yes, that's right, a pre-sewn Sock Monkey Kit.
Just cut, stuff and attach the pieces!

*(These are the only Sock Monkey Kits on the Internet that include the stuffing)

Do It Yourself Sock Monkey Kit


The Budget Sock Monkey Kit comes with everything below. You only need poly-fil fluff and some time.

Budget Sock Monkey kit

Do It Yourself Sock Monkey Kit


The Do It Yourself (DIY)
Sock Monkey kit comes with everything you need to make a complete Sock Monkey.

DIY sock monkey kit

Deluxe (Pre-Sewn)
Do It Yourself Sock Monkey Kit


The Pre-Sewn kit is just like the
same DIY Kit, except all the machine sewing is done before it is
sent out to you.

Deluxe sock monkey kit
Click on the pictures above for a larger view!

(Contact us for discounts on 10 or more Kits)

Sock Monkey Postcard Your Sock Monkey Kit includes;

* Custom step by step instruction sheet
* 1st quality, authentic Rockford red heel socks
* Stuffing (new premium quality Poly-fil)
* Buttons for eyes
* Black embroidery floss for eyelashes/brows
* Needle and thread
* Pom-pom for cap
* Red yarn for bow at neck
* Adoption certificate
* Postcard / Example photo

You will need:

* Scissors
* Sewing Machine (Not required but will save some time)
* Hands

Note: If you don’t have a sewing machine, I will be happy to do the machine sewing for you, check out our Deluxe Sock Monkey Kit above.



:: Monkey Supplies

  Sock Monkey Socks

Need just a pair or two of Rockford Socks? All Socks are new and first quality. These socks make a Sock Monkey 20 inches tall.

Only $9 per pair

Guaranteed Vintage Nelson (1960-1990) Sock Monkey Socks

Do you want a real pair of true Vintage Nelson Socks? They can be hard to find. All Vintage Socks are unused, top quality and ready to be made into Monkeys.

Only $26 each pair.

Ceru Answers....

What is the difference between "vintage" and normal Sock Monkey Socks? How can I tell?

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