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Sock Monkey Board

The Red Heel Message Board is the original place for Internet Monkeys to hang out. With a liberal drinking age and live is the place to be.
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   Sock Monkey Blog

This Sock Monkey Blog reports on Monkey interests around the World. Often times, reporting on the scene!
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Sock Monkey Fun

Sock Monkey Fun as a great Gallery of over a hundred custom made Sock Monkeys. Patterns, kits and bios on Sock Monkeys.
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Sock Monkey

We here are have seen a few countries (44and counting) but Itsy and Kirby are setting the world on fire!

Do yourself a favor and visit this blog!
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Sock Monkey Wiki

What is a Sock Monkey? Wikipedia has all the information you could want. Become a Sock Monkey Expert!
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Daisy Cara

I am Missus Mel'nee's first-born sock monkey girl! I live on the Sunnyflower Farm with my familee! From timing to timing we have big adventures, and I would like to share those storees with you!
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Outdoor Sock Monkey

:: Monkey Supplies

  Sock Monkey Socks

Need just a pair or two of Rockford Socks? All Socks are new and first quality. These socks make a Sock Monkey 20 inches tall.

Only $9 per pair

Guaranteed Vintage Nelson (1960-1990) Sock Monkey Socks

Do you want a real pair of true Vintage Nelson Socks? They can be hard to find. All Vintage Socks are unused, top quality and ready to be made into Monkeys.

Ceru Answers....

What is the difference between "vintage" and normal Sock Monkey Socks? How can I tell?

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