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The Mostest Famous Sock Monkeys

Sock Monkey Welcome to the life and times of the indomitable sock monkey Lucius M. Monkey. Within these pages many surprises and insights await the wanderer.

Sock Monkey Bubba’s Sock Drawer is always a fun place to check out. He is among the other well-traveled sock monkeys.

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Sock Monkey Vinny is the star over at the Wisconsin Sock Monkey Rescue Organization.
Check out the fantastic Sock Monkey photo collection.

Sock Monkey Ceru "itchy foot" Monkey is always looking for a new adverture. Take a look at the world through the eyes of a Sock Monkey. read more    

Sock Monkey The coolest Japanese Sock Monkey. Check out Socky and his Pals at Sockys World!

Sock Monkey Welcome to the homepage of the best-traveled sock monkey in the world. This is the place to meet Nate and find out all about his life, travels and friends.
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:: Monkey Supplies

  Sock Monkey Socks

Need just a pair or two of Rockford Socks? All Socks are new and first quality. These socks make a Sock Monkey 20 inches tall.

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Guaranteed Vintage Nelson (1960-1990) Sock Monkey Socks

Do you want a real pair of true Vintage Nelson Socks? They can be hard to find. All Vintage Socks are unused, top quality and ready to be made into Monkeys.

Only $26 each pair.


Ceru Answers....

What is the difference between "vintage" and normal Sock Monkey Socks? How can I tell?

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