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Sock Monkey  Instructions How to make your Sock Monkey!

There are hundreds of ways to create your own Sock Monkey. Two of the most popular styles are the Vintage Style and the New Style. Below are instructions on how to make those two styles.

If you have a style that you prefer, send Ceru an email and the pattern, so we can post it here at

:: Vintage Style Sock Monkey
:: New Style Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey The true vintage pattern was released around 1920 and is still used today. The vintage pattern is most easily recognized by a long tail.
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Sock Monkey The new pattern was released around 1970 and was quickly adopted as the standard Sock Monkey design.

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:: Make your own Sock Monkey

:: Monkey Supplies

  Sock Monkey Socks

Need just a pair or two of Rockford Socks? All Socks are new and first quality. These socks make a Sock Monkey 20 inches tall.

Only $9 per pair

Guaranteed Vintage Nelson (1960-1990) Sock Monkey Socks

Do you want a real pair of true Vintage Nelson Socks? They can be hard to find. All Vintage Socks are unused, top quality and ready to be made into Monkeys.

Only $26 each pair.

Ceru Answers....

What is the difference between "vintage" and normal Sock Monkey Socks? How can I tell?


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