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Sock Monkey Learn to count with Sock Monkeys.
Great for night-time reading to little learners.

   Sock Monkey
This little book is stuffed with character and creativity. The sock monkeys have a loveable humor and sincerity that comes from the hearts and fingers of all the many people who sewed them.

Sock Monkey Want to Smile? Want to Giggle?
Escape to the whimsical world of Monkey Made of Sockies, where each turn of the page is like comfort food for the heart.
   Sock Monkey
Filled with sock monkey mythology, urban legend, tall tales, short stories, facts and fictions. Sock Monkey Dreams is the book sock monkeys and sock monkey fans have been waiting for. a warped look at the world we live in, as seen behind button eyes.

Sock Monkey It’s beautiful, it has tons of history and art all about Sock Monkeys. It would be a great addition to the library or coffee table of any Sock Monkey enthusiast.

Sock Monkey Our favorite of the series is Sock Monkey Boogie Woogie, but Sock Monkey goes to Hollywood and Sock Monkey Rides Again are great too!.

Sock Monkey In 1985 Ron Warren began collecting sock monkeys, alot of Sock Monkeys. With disturbing obsession he seeks to document every one of the more than 1,800 examples.

Sock Monkey "Told with the same edgy, sarcastic tone that has made him (Jillette) so distinctive."
- Boston Globe

Sock Monkey Monkey Love celebrates our love affair with this smiling little character and honors the affection people have for their past and the devotion people share with others today.

Sock Monkey "Dee does it again!

Check out her new Sock Monkey book. Send this book to a friend to knock their socks off.

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Sock Monkey

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  Sock Monkey Socks

Need just a pair or two of Rockford Socks? All Socks are new and first quality. These socks make a Sock Monkey 20 inches tall.

Only $9 per pair

Guaranteed Vintage Nelson (1960-1990) Sock Monkey Socks

Do you want a real pair of true Vintage Nelson Socks? They can be hard to find. All Vintage Socks are unused, top quality and ready to be made into Monkeys.

Only $26 each pair.

Ceru Answers....

What is the difference between "vintage" and normal Sock Monkey Socks? How can I tell?

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