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Sock Monkey SockLady Get your Sock Monkey on! is the mostest bestest place to get your Sock Monkey and Sock Monkey Craft Kits!

Here you will find all the Sock Monkey goodies we could find using research, extortion, threats of boycotts and even a few clandestine raids.

From Sock Monkey Kits, Free Sock Monkey Patterns to education on the different type of socks. has it all.

Sock Monkey

Here you will find many different FREE instructions on how to make your own Sock Monkey.

Sock Monkey Deluxe Kit

Do It Yourself Kits
are the best way to go. We even have Pre-Sewn kits for those Monkey Makers without sewing machines.

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Sock Monkey Blog

Check out the Original Sock Monkey Blog! Post your own Monkey.

Sock Monkey

Free Patterns!

Need just a pattern? Some sites sell them but here you can find them for FREE.

Sock Monkey Pattern

Sock Lady Sock Monkeys are Here!

Only by using the best Socks, can we make the best Sock Monkeys!
Take a look and see!

Colorful Sock Monkey

:: Monkey News starts to carry SockLady Sock Monkeys


This just in:
Urban Outfitters has chosen to provide Sock Monkey Kits to their Customers.


Ceru answers...

What is the difference between "Vintage" and the normal Sock Monkey Socks?

Sock Monkey

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